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Here are a few kind words that past clients have shared…

Jennifer, thank you so very much for the guidance, clarity, and direction you have given me during our time together. After struggling with my family relationships for so many years, you have empowered me with a new perspective and outlook on life!

I know this is a lifelong journey that I am on, and there will always be new lessons for me to learn as I navigate through different life experiences and relationships. However, through your good counsel, I now have the tools that I need to succeed in building healthy relationships, positive boudaries, and know that I am bringing a better ME to my relationships. Thank you!

Nicole, 29 Canada

I contacted Jennifer a few months after I began experiencing severe anxiety symptoms. It had gotten to the point where I felt like I had “survived” just by making it through the day. Jennifer worked with me over the phone for a year, helping expose my fears (most I didn’t even know I had), helping me establish healthy boundaries in my relationships, and helping me establish healthy thought patterns. Her knowledge about anxiety and the tools she gave me (life-changing homework!) was exactly what I needed to get to a place of healing. It was a year of tremendous growth!

Jennifer also brought much needed fresh perspective to my season of singleness. Her life examples and compassion helped replace my discouragement with hope and confidence. I don’t feel “stuck” anymore and am better able to embrace the life God has given me. I am so grateful to Jennifer, she truly taught me how to live well.

~D.D. 43, USA

I wanted to thank you beyond even these words for all the work we’ve done together over the last few months. I’ve spent the last few days really thinking about the progress I’ve made and the things I’ve learned about myself and I really couldn’t have done it without your constant support and shared knowledge! I feel like you’ve given me back a part of myself that I was terrified was gone forever-my spirit!

~J.M., 23, Canada

I’ve learned so many things and it’s hard to pick one. But if I had to I would say the most important thing I have learned is “self-care” and a big part of taking care of myself is realizing that it is okay to have needs in a relationship and to have them met. This was HUGE for me! Being someone who has always taken care of other people and has grown up expecting so little from others, I now understand why my relationships have left me so frustrated, sad and lonely. Before you can attract anyone who can honor your needs, you have to honor them first. I am doing that now. I left my last relationship that did not fulfill my needs. This doesn’t make me “needy”, it makes me healthy, and with this newfound self-awareness I approach tomorrow with hope that happiness is possible if I believe that I am worth it. And I am.

~K.F, 50, Canada

I am so grateful that I made this decision because the guidance that I received from Jennifer has proven to be invaluable. She walked with me to get me back to a place that I feel comfortable applying all that I have learned and now I have my life back! She also made it very clear that she is always there for me in the future… It is difficult to express gratitude with just words to a person who helped me work my way out of some of my hardest times, all I can say is thank you…

~M.K, 29, Canada

I have received a great amount of help and understanding from Jennifer Watts since I started working with her last May. She has been kind, thoughtful, and tough (when she needed to be), not to mention thoroughly professional. My anxiety has been lessened by a large degree and I can function day to day now with little thought about it. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jennifer.

~J.T., 44, Canada

For a guy who was absolutely certain that my life would forever be entrenched with anxiety – that I would never be “normal” again – Jennifer gave a gift that no “therapist” or book ever could: hope. In her kind, genuine nature, she assured me that there was hope – and that recovery was not only possible, but probable. Last year, things like lightheadedness, numbness, heart palpitations, and pervasive “what-if” fears seemed to encompass 90% of my days. Now, they are merely an afterthought. Jennifer’s knowledge and experience has assisted me in reclaiming my life. More important, she has reminded me how great life is – and how great it can continue to be. Are there bumps in the road? Of course there are! That’s life – and now I know how to handle them so they are exactly what they are meant to be – bumps!

~G.H. 31, USA

*please note, some identifying information has been changed to protect clients privacy