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Counselling Services We Provide

Living Well Counselling Services in Calgary understands the significance of mental health. That’s why we provide Individual Therapy and Couples Therapy facilitated by our team of Registered Psychologists and Experienced Counsellors. Our services are designed to be accessible, with extended hours and a range of options including in-person sessions, online therapy, phone counselling, & talk therapy.

We currently offer individual and couples counselling as well as group therapy & provide services via telephone, Skype or in office. For in-office counselling we have four locations in Calgary, AB – one located on Kensington, one located in Inglewood, one located in Douglasdale, and one in Silver Springs NW. To determine the location of your therapist please see our FAQ page. We understand that its hard to find the right therapist, therefore we offer a free 20 minute consult to help you make that important decision. You can meet your therapist, share the areas you’d like to do work in, and hear about their approach to therapy as well as the interventions they would suggest based upon research proven strategies for that particular issue.


If we do not work in the area you’re looking for help, we’re committed to helping you find the right fit and will give you a referral to another therapist in the city. For more information about free consultations OR to get started on treatment and move toward your goals click “Request an Appointment” at the bottom of this page.


Individual/Marital Counselling:

Because we have diverse skills and experience, we address a variety of concerns including:

Addictions/Relapse Prevention
Affair Prevention/Affair Recovery

Anger Management Counselling
Anxiety (Generalized Anxiety Disorder-GAD, Hypochondria (mild, moderate or severe), Phobias, Panic Attacks, PTSD, Social Anxiety)
Assertiveness Skills

Career Counselling
Children/Adolescent Counselling
Christian Counselling
Control Issues
Couples Counselling
Cultural Concerns
Dating/Healthy Relationships
Decision Making
Depression (Mild, Moderate, Severe)
Domestic Abuse
Eating Disorder Counselling
Family Counselling Sessions
Family of Origin Issues
Healing Past Hurts
In-Law Concerns, Extended Family Issues
Life Transitions Counselling
LGBTQ question/concerns
Marriage Concerns
Parenting/Single Parenting
People Pleasing
Pre-marital Counselling
Self Esteem/Self Image
Singleness/Dating/Relationship Issues
Spiritual Direction/Spirituality
Suicidal Ideation

In addition to several others. For more information on what each Counsellor, Psychologist and Social Worker specializes in, see our therapist bios. View the homepage here

Telephone Counselling:

We currently offer telephone counselling  in Calgary, as well as clients all over the world. Clients may prefer telephone counselling for a variety of reasons including being unable to make it into our offices, convenience, comfort in their own home environment, lack of childcare, and because counselling via phone is more affordable. Research has shown telephone therapy to be as effective as face-to-face counselling. If you prefer to try this method of therapy, please indicate this when you request a consultation.

Telephone therapy is not for everyone. If you struggle with suicidal ideation, or have rapid changes in mood, we recommend coming to see someone in one of our offices.