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Our Rates – Counsellors, Psychologists & Social Worker

Senior Registered Psychologists – $245/60 min. + GST
Senior Registered Social Workers – $245/60 min. + GST
Registered Psychologists – $220/60 min. + GST
Registered Social Workers – $220/60 min. + GST
Registered Provisional Psychologists – $200/60 min. + GST
Senior Clinical Counsellors – $200/60 min. + GST
Clinical Counsellors – $180/60 min. + GST



Although the fee schedule is based on 50 minute sessions, we offer the full hour. For a better understanding of average rates, please click here.

Because we are connected with therapists throughout the world, in Canada, USA, the UK and Australia, if we cannot give you the help you need, we’ll do our best to refer you to someone who can.

Benefits Coverage

Benefits coverage does vary by provider, so its important that you check what credentials are required by your therapist before you start treatment. Sometimes benefits coverage is a deciding factor in treatment and if so, do let us know so we can make sure we connect you with the right person. For others, you may not have benefits, or they may be minimal and used up quickly so in the long run you may decide to go with which therapist seems to specialize in the area you’re requiring treatment and/or who seems to be the best fit. We find clients are correct in terms of who they feel they will connect with best, simply by whose profile they are drawn to. Either way, just let us know when you contact us and request a consultation, so that we can have the right therapist contact you with available appointment times.

Other Assistance

Some of the clients seeking our help are people that attend a faith community gathering. If so, your community may be able to assist you in counselling fees if you are unable to afford our services. Please ask your church or community directly, and if they need to speak with us, we’ll be happy to work with them.