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Counselling Calgary

 Also available – Telephone Counselling  & Canada wide and Online worldwide through Skype, FaceTime & Zoom

To those who’ve found us, I’m glad you’re here. It’s my hope that you find what you’re looking for. As a client myself I’ve understood some of the challenges in seeking therapy, so I’ve created Living Well Counselling to be a genuine place that helps to alleviate some of those concerns. It can still be hard to take the leap of faith, but YOU are your best investment.

Wishing you all the best in your journey of becoming who you really are ~Jennifer Dawn Watts, MA

What makes Living Well  Counselling In Calgary unique?

In 2008 Living Well Counselling Calgary was created for counselling Calgary residents primarily, but has extended to helping clients world-wide. We started with particular values in mind, and these values were shaped around our own experiences. As Counsellors and Psychologists learning what was effective, but also as clients ourselves. We’ve spent over 10 years learning what works best, and here are some of our core values with you in mind…



First, we seek to provide a safe space. What that means is that:

  • You will be heard
  • You will experience acceptance
  • You will be treated as an equal, with equal rights and responsibilities in the therapeutic alliance you form, rather than being seen or treated as a “patient”. Counselling calgary is not about “mental illness” or shame, it’s simply about moving toward your goals and being the best you that you can be.


We don’t expect our bodies to work perfectly 100% of the time, so why would we expect that of our minds? One day there will be no shame in seeking therapy, it will be just as simple as making an appointment with our family doctor or GP.

Second, we seek to be effective. This means:

Therapy will be a collaborative process where you and your Counsellor / Psychologist work together to find the best solutions for your particular situation.
It will be goal-oriented meaning they will help you formulate and work toward your goals
They will be well trained, with a minimum of a Masters degree, many with thousands of direct client hour experience before seeing you, and will be Registered with a governing body, completing ongoing continuing education & supervision
You will be paired with your Counsellor / Psychologist based on what you are looking for. For example, if you are hoping to see a Christian Psychologist, or a Marriage Counsellor, or a Counsellor that is LGBTQ safe and affirming, just make a note in your Appointment Request


Third, we care about being affordable.

We realize that one of the biggest obstacles for people seeking treatment is cost. Because of this, as an agency:
We offer the first 20 minutes with us FREE. You don’t need to pay for a session to see if we’re a good fit for you. If you’d like to meet us, the first 20 minute session is on us.
We offer many Counsellors & Psychologists with rates below the suggested rate by the PAA, and lower than many agencies in the city
We offer the full hour to our clients, as opposed to industry standard 50 minute sessions, so that clients can have a true hour
We have counsellors calgary that are Certified, Registered Psychologists and Registered Social Workers to ensure benefits coverage
We charge the same rate for Marriage Counselling & Couples Counselling calgary as we do for all clients. You don’t have to pay more to work on your relationship.
Should benefits run out, we offer those in need sliding scale options. There are no forms to fill out or difficulties in proving income, our counsellors /Psychologists will speak directly with you about what you need and make payment arrangements with you so that you can continue to pursue your goals even if finances are a concern.



Although Living Well is a counselling calgary practice, we now serve clients worldwide through online and telephone counselling Calgary from the comfort of your own home. If childcare is a concern, or work only allows for a one hour break, these advances in the field can make therapy more convenient while still helping you make time to move toward your goals. Call our Calgary Counselling Centre at 403.695.7911 or fill out our Appointment Request Form here. If you’d like to meet someone in office, we have two Calgary Counselling Centres available to offer you services. One at 4803 Centre St. NW & one located at 39 Inglewood Park SE.  Contact our Intake Coordinator at 403.695.7911 if you have further questions about which location, or therapist, may suit you best.


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