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Christian Counselling Calgary

At Living Well Counselling Services we understand that some clients coming from a faith perspective prefer to meet with a therapist of similar religious faith. Christian counselling Calgary varies by provider, so if you are seeking counselling it’s important to clearly define what you are looking for.

Calgary Client Needs

Are you simply wanting to make sure that the counsellor you work with is a Christian also, or are you interested in making sure certain aspects of their approach are tailored in specific ways? Some Christian counselling consists of prayer, drawing upon spiritual resources (such as  bibliotherapy or Scripture), and spiritual direction whereas other Christian counselling can draw upon more current methods for treatment while still being very respectful of client’s faith and needs. A treatment plan can be guided by your counsellor’s preferred framework and methodology, but also by your collaborative input. Many therapists will tailor a treatment plan based upon client’s desires.


Christian Counsellor Education

Since any person is able to call themselves a Christian Counsellor in Alberta, it is very important to understand what your therapist’s educational background is and the governing body that they belong to. At Living Well all therapists have a minimum of two post-secondary degrees, both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree. They must belong to a governing body, such as The College of Alberta Psychologists, The Alberta College of Social Workers or The Professional Association of Canadian  Counsellors and Psychotherapists. If you are looking for benefits coverage it is important to also check what your benefits company requires.


Setting up an Appointment

If you would like an Appointment with one of our therapists for Christian counselling, please make a note in the field entitled “Anything Else You’d Like Us to Know?” and state ‘Christian family Counselling only’, or ‘Christian Counselling Preferred’ if you would prefer a Christian therapist but are open to another option if one isn’t currently available. Our intake department will review your request and based upon your main areas of concern, if you are in need of benefits coverage, and who is currently taking new clients, we will do our best to set you up with a good fit. If you’d like to meet your Living Well counsellor before proceeding with treatment, please select the free 20-minute consult option on your intake form. If for any reason you are not happy with your counsellor, don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll do our best to find you an appropriate transfer or referral. click here to contact us