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7 Reasons to Consider a Free Online Counselling Consultation


When human beings face stress the natural response is to cocoon. We may start with fight or flight but eventually as we lose steam, hunkering down and riding out the storm can feel like the best response. When we do this, we are often cutting ourselves off from precious resources. As history has shown us in examples like Victor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning, mental health is a strong predictor of physical health and ultimately survival during times of extreme stress.


For many people online counselling may be a new concept. We understand that. That’s why we offer a free 20 minute online counselling consultation for all clients to see if it’s a good fit. If you’re on the fence about trying counselling online calgary, here are seven reasons to consider taking the first step:


1. Decreased Stress Equals Increased Immunity – since stress suppresses our immune systems, managing stress is a strong investment in your overall health. 


2. Use Your Health Benefits Plan – currently many Calgarians, Canadians and beyond have extended health care benefits plans. Those benefits often include coverage to see a Counsellor, Registered Social Worker or Registered Psychologist. Since, for many, there is no out of pocket cost, now is a great time to use your benefits to your advantage. Even if you are handling your current situation well, you may still want tips on better parenting, how to have a strong relationship or insight on how to get a better night’s sleep. Our Counsellors and Registered Psychologists are well trained in these areas. 


3.  An Opportunity to Work with Registered Professionals – while there are many options for online counselling on the internet, at Living Well we are very stringent in our hiring practices. We typically receive 80-100 applicants in any given year and only hire those we feel will best represent what we stand for. Therapists that are excellent in their areas of strength, that respect clients rights and offer a place of non-judgement to feel safe to learn and to grow. Our Counsellors, RSWs and Registered Psychologists are always registered with a governing body with a strict code of ethics, whereas many others on the internet can call themselves online counsellors without the necessary training or registration processes. With Living Well Online Counselling Services you will know you’re receiving high quality from Master’s level trained therapists, often with 1800+ hours up to 25 years of direct client experience.


4. Better Parenting Skills – as parents face new levels of challenges our counsellors are here to support parents in learning and growing into the best parents they can be. Many parents didn’t get a handbook for the new stresses they face, whether it’s homeschooling, potential loss of loved ones and how to grieve or maintaining a routine in tight quarters. These are all topics our Online Counsellors are here to help you with. 


5. Better Relationships – relationships are difficult at the best of times. With added financial pressures, grief and loss and important decisions to be made, we want to support you in having a healthy relationship. If you are unsure whether you need counselling, you can start with a 3 session relationship assessment instead. This is a very positive experience for our couples, is based on research and will enlighten you into many areas you’re doing well, which will ultimately lead to doing even more of what works.


6. Being in the Comfort of Your Own Familiar Space – often we can get into deeper issues from the comfort of our own space rather than an unfamiliar office. As long as you have a quiet place to meet, you can receive therapy from right where you are.


7. Risk Free – Our 20 minute online counselling consultations are completely free of charge. It’s hard to know for sure if online counselling will be for you, so we welcome you to give it a try. 


You can book a free 20 min consult or if you’re ready to get started right away on treatment please indicate that on your Appointment Request Form. We strive to get back to all new client requests within 24 hrs, and often within the same business day. Many of our therapists have opened up additional hours to accommodate an increase in requests.

We thank you for your trust as we seek to provide you with the best resources available and support you in this time of need.

Please note: Our therapists use the most up-to-date confidential online platforms available