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Our Counsellors in Calgary, AB

Feel free to read through the following introductions to see which therapist might be the right fit for you. Take note of our approaches to therapy and areas of specialization. You can also see our Rates page for further details on benefits coverage. All therapists work in Calgary, AB. Once you know who you’d like to work with please click here to fill out our Appointment Request Form. This is the quickest way to connect you with the living Well Counsellor in Calgary , Psychologist or Social Worker of your choice. Your therapist will attempt to contact you within one business day.

Jennifer Dawn Watts, MA

Jennifer Dawn Watts, MA started Living Well Counselling services with certain values in mind, high quality therapy from experienced practitioners that specialize in their areas of strength, and average rates with sliding scale options so as to make therapy more affordable for everyone.

To learn more about Jennifer Dawn Watts, click here.

Cathy McCurdy, BSW, MA, RSW

cathy-mccurdyCathy is a professional therapist who brings 20 years experience counselling couples, individuals, and families with relationship and personal issues, as well as supervising therapists and facilitating retreats.

To learn more about Cathy McCurdy, click here.

Karla Reimer, MA

karla-reimerKarla is dedicated to helping people make lasting and meaningful change in their lives. Her sincere empathy and thoughtfulness towards clients allows her to guide individuals through challenges to help bring them to a deeper understanding of themselves while equipping them with tools they can use on their own.

To learn more about Karla, click here.

Aziza Giga-Hirji MSW, RSW

Aziza brings a special warmth and gentle spirit to the Living Well Team. Her genuine care and non-judgemental approach will help you feel comfortable and supported as you begin your journey to transformation. Aziza has a wealth of experience helping clients with their most important and difficult issues.

To learn more about Aziza Giga-Hirji, click here.

Khobi Attai, MA

What you will first notice about Khobi is her welcoming disposition. She seeks to make clients feel at ease by providing an environment of trust and acceptance. In addition to her genuine nature, Khobi brings a wealth of experience and skills to help her clients identify their goals and find lasting results.

To learn more about Khobi Attai, click here.

Kaylee Garside, MA


Kaylee strives to create an accepting and genuine atmosphere. She is passionate about working collaboratively with her clients to facilitate enduring intrinsic growth and an increased ability to live an authentic and meaningful existence.

To learn more about Kaylee Garside, click here.

Shezlina Haji, MA

Shezlina creates a safe and caring environment for her clients to voice their thoughts and feelings without judgment. Challenges and suffering are a part of everyone’s journey and Shezlina is able to help clients understand and utilize their emotions as tools for growth to live full and meaningful lives.

To learn more about Shezlina Haji, click here.

Shari Derksen, MA

Shari would be honoured to walk along side you and help illuminate your path to inner growth and transformation for greater happiness, fulfilling relationships, and abundant living. She offers individual and couple’s therapy in a safe and non-judgmental environment that is LGBTQ friendly, focusing on healthy relationships and healthy sexuality.

To learn more about Shari Derksen, click here.

Steven Ngu, MC

Steven Ngu, MA

Steven believes that people achieve the best results when they are in an environment where they feel genuinely heard, welcomed, and understood. He offers his clients a comfortable space to voice their personal concerns without any judgement. He enjoys working with youth, adolescents, couples, and families that present with a variety of different concerns.

To learn more about Steven Ngu, click here.

Crystal Hamill, MA

Crystal’s warm, calm, and compassionate presence creates a safe and open environment with clients. Everyone faces a variety of challenges throughout life, and Crystal believes that counselling can be one of those tools to help guide, and work through these times. She believes counselling can help to create a more meaningful and wholehearted life.

To learn more about Crystal Hamill, click here.

Jodi Kunz, MC

Jodi approaches counselling with a passion for creating a genuine and authentic therapeutic connection with individuals.  She believes that compassion, understanding, and trust are essential in building a safe environment for clients where they can focus and connect with their inner world, thoughts and feelings. She brings an experience of counselling diverse populations at the Sonshine Community Counselling Services.

To learn more about Jodi Kunz, click here.

Katherine Jarrell, MSW, RSW

Katherine brings over twenty years of experience in helping individuals to overcome setbacks and live their best lives.   Her counselling experience includes working with people across the lifespan facing a multitude of challenges. Katherine has trained with the founders of Parenting with Love and Logic and enjoys helping parents reclaim their confidence and joy in parenting.  She would be honoured to accompany you on your journey to improved wellness.

To learn more about Katherine Jarrell, click here.

Heather Nolin, MC

Heather Nolin is a therapist who offers a safe, compassionate, and non-judgemental space for clients to feel heard and understood. She is calm, warm, and empathetic and has experience working with clients of varying ages, backgrounds, and concerns. Heather recognizes and respects that every individual has their own unique identity, preferences, and belief systems, and she is sensitive to cultural, sexual orientation, gender, and religious differences.

To learn more about Heather Nolin, click here.

Beverly Reed, MACP

Beverly strives to use genuine empathy to help clients navigate their experiences from a place of acceptance and nonjudgemental understanding. She understands that allowing oneself to be vulnerable and being willing to look inward and work on oneself can be scary and uncomfortable. With this in mind, she believes in working collaboratively with you to make the process a palatable balance of validation and challenging, and one that is as personally-relevant and meaningful as possible.

To learn more about Beverly Reed, click here.

Brianna Matchett, MC

Brianna is dedicated to cultivating a space where people feel genuinely heard and understood. She offers a comfortable space marked by empathy and acceptance, in which her clients are welcomed to voice issues and concerns. Brianna understands that clients may desire to integrate spirituality into their therapy, and she is willing to use her Christian faith, and other spiritual resources to guide clients through difficulty and challenge.

To learn more about Brianna Matchett, click here.


Lindsay Savard MSW, RSW

Lindsay brings a soft and cozy ambiance to her therapy sessions. She values cultivating a space of gentle curiosity, acceptance and respect where client and therapist work together as a team. Lindsay received extensive family therapy training from the nationally-renowned SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health in Toronto and has had hands-on comprehensive internships with Alberta Health Services and Palliser Regional School District. 

To learn more about Lindsay Savard, click here.


Carrie-Lee Gibson, MACP

Carrie-Lee offers a space to help people to feel understood and accepted while working together collaboratively. Carrie-Lee understands that although our past can influence our present, it does not dictate the future. Treatment plans and interventions are best when they are tailored to match client’s individual needs. Since she believes a strong therapeutic relationship is key, exploring strengths and empowering clients to work towards growth and outcomes.

To learn more about Carrie-Lee Gibson, click here.

Natalie Draycott, MACP

Natalie appreciates the opportunity and privilege of working with her clients and offers a safe, warm and comfortable space for them. She has a caring, kind and empathetic nature and believes that her life experiences are beneficial to her counselling ability. She enjoys working with a diverse population and a variety of concerns. Natalie gained her experience through her work with the Calgary Counselling Centre and the Distress Centre.

To learn more about Natalie Draycott, click here.