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Letting Go and Releasing 

Letting go is one of the most difficult yet rewarding gifts that we can give to ourselves. It’s something that we may have not consciously thought to do. It’s something that we might do naturally and not be aware of. Letting go can bring a lot of clarity and new perspectives in our lives. Letting go can be challenging because it requires us to look at ourselves and go to painful places in our lives that can keep us stuck.

The benefits of letting go allows for a more positive life. We will feel invigorated and motivated in life, we will feel emotionally, psychologically and physically freer, we will feel less stress, anxiety, and fear. It will allow more energy for our desires and goals, it will help us to stay more present and focused, and it will improve our relationship in our lives.

What do I mean by letting go? Letting go is releasing something in your life. It can be a deliberate choice or can happen naturally. Letting go can be changing a belief/value system, thought patterns, releasing relationships and conflicts, work related, routines, circumstances, eating habits, unhealthy behaviours, habits or addictions. Anything that is weighing us down emotionally, psychologically or physically. Consequently, creating negative effects in our lives. Often it is something that is more harmful and toxic to our wellbeing. Sometimes it’s a long standing issue that we might feel we have no control over, don’t have awareness of and/or don’t know how to begin to do this.

When we don’t allow ourselves to let go of stuff that is painful and harmful to us it keeps it present and active in our lives. It can be self-torturing and self-sabotaging. Most importantly, it prevents healing from happening. It prevents us from allowing another perspective, it prevents us from moving forward in life, it prevents from achieving our desires and goals, it prevents us from having healthy relationships, it prevents healthier lifestyles, it prevents us from truly loving ourselves, it prevents other positive things to come into our lives. There are countless reasons that letting go can continue to keep pain in our lives.

Sometimes we may not be aware of what we need to let go of. It can be more subtle and hidden. Some ways to bring this into our awareness is to practice more reflection and solitude to discover what’s hidden. Also, identifying what are the negative things that are happening in our lives. Now, for some this might be a lot of thing and this can be overwhelming. As I mentioned, letting go is a process, starting out simple and small. For example, we decide to let go of an argument with a loved one, let go of a routine that isn’t working, or letting go of a small mistake we made. Sometimes even having awareness and the desire to want to let go can start the process. Another way to identify if we want to let something go is if wanting to make a change or engaging in the same negative patterns.

When we come from a perspective of healing and compassion towards ourselves it can make the process more bearable. There are certain activities that can complement or encourage the process of letting go whether it is talking to friends or family, journaling, going out in nature, going to see a therapist, doing a meditation, turning to religious or spiritual practices. There are endless creative ways that we can start to integrate letting go practices in our lives.

Going through the process of letting go can help bring clarity in our lives. For those who want to go deeper with this process of letting go, asking empowering questions such as what did I learn about myself? What parts still need to grow and develop? What nurtures me? How can I be more compassionate towards myself? I will reiterate letting go is an ongoing process that we do throughout our lives with or without awareness. It can bring a lot of healing and rejuvenation to our lives. Letting go is one of the most loving acts that we can give to ourselves and others.



Crystal Hamill, MC, is experienced in the areas of mindfulness and interpersonal relationships, plus many more. For more information on Crystal and her work, click here to link to her full bio page.