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Is Your Guilt True or False?

Throughout our life and interactions with others we have difficult emotions that arise. One of these most difficult emotions is guilt. At times, we use guilt to motivate us. We use statements such as ‘I should do better”, “I should...

Five Reasons for Seeking Telephone Counselling

In my experience as a counsellor, I have seen many things change in the way we practice over the years.  Moving from costly long-term approaches, we now incorporate brief solution-focused therapies and strength-based models. Instead of the role of “expert”...

Is Overcoming Addiction Possible?

When struggling with addictions, it may seem impossible to imagine a life without substance use. You know the cycle:
…do well for a time,
…start feeling better,
…think you can do just a little,
…perhaps, be in control for a while,
…full blown relapse,
…ending at...

5 Techniques for Getting a Better Night’s Sleep and Treating Insomnia

Being unable to sleep can be extremely frustrating. You turn the light out, ready for a nice long sleep. Instead, you find yourself tossing and turning, reliving events from the day over in your mind and worrying about what’s coming...